Safety Training International

Online OSHA Training & Workplace Safety


What are the benefits of Online Safety Training?

  • OSHA Compliant – All of our online courses are OSHA Compliant and will meet even the most stringent OSHA requirements for your business.
  • Saves Time – Since you can take our online safety training program classes from any computer with internet access, there is no travel time. Our online safety training program also eliminates wasted time conducting tasks that do not apply to you.
  • Saves money ($$$) – We already know that “time is money” and by saving time, you’ll save loads of money. But also, when you conduct this training at 20% of what classroom training can cost, the savings really add up.
  • Need a break…take a break – You will have at least 30 days to finish most courses, and 60 days to finish longer online safety training program courses. And, since you can log on any hour of the day, this allows you to break up the course into smaller sections, which will have less impact on your day to day routine.
  • No waiting for your certificate – Immediately upon completing all course requirements, you are able to save, download and print your certificate of completion. This is especially convenient when you need to get back to the jobsite.
  • No distractions – You don’t have to listen to questions and discussion from other students that have nothing to do with how the training applies to you.  You will be able to focus on how the training relates to your job and there will be a forum for asking questions that you may have.
  • Updated training – Our online safety training program courses are updated regularly and our refresher training is updated at least annually. This means you will not see the same training year after year.
  • No cancellations – Our online safety training program classes are done on your schedule and you have complete control over when you take them. No more signing up for classes and waiting to take them, just to have them canceled at the last minute.


Studies have shown that people are more likely to accomplish a major task in small increments. If you are not able to complete the course in one sitting, as most of us can’t, you can come back anytime.

Hurry and SIGN UP NOW!!! You are only a few clicks away from getting your learning. All you have to do is read the course, take a test, and you get your certificate immediately. At Online Training Web-site, it’s that simple!

Check AVAILABLE COURSES for more information on online courses.


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