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Unhappy Employees: How to Boost Employee Morale

Simple Ways to Make the Workplace a Happier Space

If you own a small business, you know that the morale of your employees can directly affect the quality of the service and customer care you provide. Because of this, it’s vital to ensure that your staff feels appreciated and respected.unhappy-worker-11

Malcontent employees can create a sense of gloom and doom in the workplace. Their mood is infectious, and in many cases their negative attitude can get transferred to other staff members. If you see problems among your staff, it’s important that you take steps to address these issues.

So if you’ve been sensing unhappiness among your employees, it might be time to boost morale with one of these tips:

Theme Fridays: Every once in a while, hold a “Theme Friday.” Pick a theme like a Hawaiian Party, a Taste of Asia or a Sports Day. Plan for a long lunch, and provide your staff with food and activities related to the theme. For the Hawaiian Party, for example, provide Hawaiian food and leis for everyone’s neck. For a Taste of Asia, bring in some Chinese food and teach everyone to eat with chopsticks. If you want to plan a Sports Day theme, serve hotdogs and show a few innings from the previous night’s baseball game. Any type of break from the typical mundane schedule will boost everyone’s mood.

Games: Create games that aren’t based on job performance, but instead reward happiness and good cheer. Get a small trophy and award it to the person who tells the funniest joke each week. Or foster the competitive spirit among your employees by offering a prize to the person who wears the silliest outfit to work. You can even plan a checkers tournament or other traditional game. Try activities that anyone can play.

Chats: Plan a regular meeting with each one of your employees on a one-on-one basis, even if it’s only fifteen minutes. Tell them that these chats are non-judgmental, and everything they say is confidential. Remind your employees that anything they say – whether positive or negative – will not be used against them on the job. Then invite them to speak about any of their issues or concerns. There may be hidden things in the office that are dragging down employee morale, and this is a great way to find out about them so you can effectively combat the problem.

The mood of your employees will dramatically affect your business. Customers can usually sense if the staff is happy, content, bored or annoyed. By making an effort to ensure that employee morale remains high, you’ll be taking steps to create a better company that will generate higher profits.



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  1. These are good tips on how to make employees happy at work. It lessens the pressure once in a while.

    Comment by Karen Davis | November 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. You could also try something like a pot luck luau at the office. Everyone brings a small dish to share.

    Comment by Luau Shirt Company | November 25, 2008 | Reply

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