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Increasing Opportunities for Learning Can Lower Turnover

The top reason for employee turnover is lack of training, according to many surveys and business publications, including the Harvard Business Review. The desire to learn is a significant catalyst in the attraction and retention of top employees.

But the expectation that training is the nirvana of learning may be misleading. The effectiveness of training for the individual and the value for companies can be accomplished only if certain conditions are met. Delivery of training can be costly, time consuming, and ultimately counterproductive, if approached without regard to the following fundamental principles:

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Good Training Strategy Helps Avoid Discrimination

QUESTION: What training strategies should an employer use to avoid harassment and discrimination in the workplace?

ANSWER: Reaching the goal of appropriate workplace behavior is a concern for many companies and employees alike. Creating a culture that validates professional conduct can be instrumental in meeting business-wide objectives, financial goals, litigation avoidance and ultimately employee satisfaction.

Prior to the development of harassment training strategy, it is important to define and identify the harassment issues, as they exist in your company.

Get Trained!

Get Trained!

The generic definition of harassment and its impact, potential discrimination, is verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of that person’ s (or that person’s relatives’ , friends’ , or associates’) sex, race, skin color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability, and that:

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Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Preventing Violence in the Workplace

We’ve all seen the disturbing headlines related to violence in the
workplace: “Six Die in Workplace Shooting,” “Gunman on Rampage — Kills
12 and Then Himself.” We all deserve a safe work environment. Yet the
sad reality is that no workplace is safe from violence in today’s
world. You can protect yourself by understanding more about how
workplace violence starts.

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